Innovate, Accelerate, Advance!
Streamline your success with custom software

  • Human-In-The-Loop Automation has cut costs by over 90%
  • Tailored software saved 80% of labour time in a matter of weeks
  • New businesses have been launched in as little as 3 weeks
  • Bespoke software has saved hundreds of thousands a year
  • Our Reseller Programs help businesses become providers

CodeStep UK delivers custom software development using our unique Human-In-The-Loop Automation production and manufacturing process

Launch your business into the cloud

Like any good trade or business - smarter tools create a smarter service

Whether you need a new system, an integration or transformation of existing tools - we will deliver a tailored approach to give you exactly what you need.

Develop your business, build your advantage

Engage customers

Reach out and support your customers with a dedicated portal- raising your standards

Improve productivity

Replace outdated systems with evolving software and create tools that work how you want

Sell the way you want to

Sell goods and services the way you want with a tailor made public website

Software Development and Consultancy Services

Custom Software

Enable your business to evolve from the outset and into the future with our powerful bespoke toolkits designed specifically for you


In depth analysis and survey of your specific data requirements allows us to build cost effective, tailor-made solutions


Save hours of time by automating repeatable proceses for many management and administrative tasks

To look perfect

Our designers can work with you to create a unique and branded application, ensuring that each is also tailored to how you and your team work, designed to make your customer experiences as easy as possible

Built Around You

Using proven toolkits, frameworks and Content Management Systems (CMS) we can deploy the ideal platform to power your business - our unique building blocks give you solid systems unique to you

Hosted, Supported
Or just coded

Building on cloud technology, all our applications can be used anywhere - giving you a global software solution unique to you.  We can deliver plain source-code, provide setup packages or host complete SaaS solutions!

A Little About Us

Based in Essex with rapid on-site coverage of London, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Suffolk and Kent areas, we are web developers, database architects and digital solution providers, delivering the building blocks to fantastically flexible, business solutions.


Our Clients

We work with a diverse range of industries such as automotive, communications, manufacturing, retail and creative - to name but a few.  We pride ourselves on our fantastic client relationships, so we can let our customers speak for us......


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Businesses have used our software directly and through our partner providers

CodeStep clients: Chevrolet, Pirelli, HandiRack, BT, PDI, BP Microsoft Partner

CodeStep UK - Be Original. Be Unique.

When everyone else is busy copying the competition - we will be creating something new.

Helping businesses stand out with powerful tools, we package your unique services into the cloud so you can be different to the rest.

CodeStep UK makes it happen.  We can do it for you.

Established July 2007

CodeStep.UK was built after a detailed R&D and inception programme.  With a solid trading background, our commercially proven software manufacturing process has served tens of thousands of users for over 15 years

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